Saucy Broad Catering Kickoff

Monday, November 15, 2010

Big first on Friday -- for the very first time in my life, I actually made money doing something I love!  Yes indeedy -- an acquaintance (not just my mom) asked if he could hire me to cook the food for his rehearsal dinner!  While it's true that I'm not the most ambitious of broads, it has always been a very special dream of mine that some fine day I could earn money with a skill more unique than being able to file papers alphabetically.  And the fact that I got to do this gig the day before my birthday seemed fitting, sort of a chance to check something else off the "life goals." 

The menu requested was traditional thanksgiving food, since the couple will be on their honeymoon over the holiday.  So that meant turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans yeast rolls and both apple crumb pie and pumpkin pie.  I spent Thursday roasting turkeys (3 of them), baking pies and yeast rolls.  Friday was an all day affair; I spent 12 hours straight in the church kitchen getting all the food ready (which was super fun) and cleaning up afterwards (significantly less fun.)  And the best part of it all was that I actually pulled it off!  The food (for 50 people) was served hot at the time requested ... and I was quite pleased with how it all turned out!  It was exciting to see the whole thing come together, pretty much just the way I planned.

A big huge thank you goes out to Ted, who not only encouraged me to do this (when I was scared to try it) but actually came and peeled potatoes and washed dishes with me -- even though that kind of work is beneath a big-time media mogul like him.  And thanks goes to Scotty too, who took a break from the party to lend his hands for the few frantic minutes of trying to get everything out on the buffet.  And then we also got a huge shot in the arm from our buddy David Tobey, who was killing some time at the church and agreed to come in and wash dishes in exchange for some dating advice. (*Note to all the single ladies out there: David Tobey is one heckuva guy -- the total package.  Look him up!*)  He came right when we were feeling tired and overwhelmed by the growing pile of dirties in the sink, and rejuvenated us with conversation and cleanliness!

So maybe some day I'll have a big white catering van, and be zipping around town from gig to gig with a big staff of dish washers at my beck and call, but for now I'm pretty excited to have actually done it.  And maybe, just maybe, the next time someone asks me what I do... I can say "I cater."  That would be cool.