Here It Is!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just in time for Christmas -- your very own copy of Sauciness!  Yes kiddos, it's true, my book is finally done and ready to be shipped to your doorstep.  I'm already getting recognized when I go out to stores and whatnot... it's very overwhelming.

Ok, so I did get "recognized" when I went to Toys-R-Us this morning (for an insanely fast and frustrating Christmas shopping spree for the kids.  I used to think I liked Christmas shopping, then I went to Toys-R-Us on a Saturday in December.) As the checkout girl was trying to remember where she'd seen me, Ted prompted her with "she's a famous food blogger, cookbook author.... maybe that's where you've seen her?"  Her response brought me right back down to earth:  "No, that's not it, but I know I've seen you somewhere.  Do you work at a salon?"  So much for fame!

So anyway, you want to get your oven mitts on a copy of my book, and you're wondering how.  It'll be live on in a couple of weeks, but it's live NOW at the following safe, secure, easy Createspace link (where we also get a better royalty percentage:)  Go, and buy to your hearts content!

Saucily yours,


The Saucy Broad said...

Hey Folks,

It's actually available on Amazon now, so feel free to order it there too. Their shipping options are quicker and cheaper than the ones on createspace, so no one will blame you for getting it that way!

Thanks for your support!

Melissa said...

Here's my formal request for more Saucy Blogging. I just read them all, and now I'm sad there's no's kinda like getting to the end of the m&m bag.